Another NYRR race with a problem...

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Posted by Stephen Kairys on March 08, 2004 at 08:39:50:

For the third time in less than 10 months, NYRR
has disappointed me (and I'm sure countless others),
by experiencing a significant problem in a scored race.

We all remember the S.I. "Half" fiasco with the
"long" course in October. Several months earlier,
a June 4M race in Central Park was beset by scoring
problems, where many runners' finishing times
were not recorded. Now, in yesterday's
Coogans, Salsa, Blues, and Shamrock 5K,
they recorded only about 25% of finishers,
including myself.

(see link)

What is going on over there? You would think that
after the problem last June, that they would
have developed a backup system to provide a safety
net in case of computer failure or whatever.

Now, while I happen to have pretty close idea
of my Net Time thanks to my watch, I was really
looking forward to finding out my placement in
the field (thinking I might have cracked the
top 50% of male runners), but now, even though
NYRR will be accepting runners' results via E-mail
on the honor system, I will never truly know
how I placed. Sad.

I realize that race times are not exactly the most
important thing in life; however, I do not think
I am asking for too much to expect that if
I pay my race fee, that I am entitled that the
race meet certain BASIC REQUIREMENTS. The course
will be accurately measured and marked. Our times
will be recorded correctly, fully, and in a timely
manner. I'm sure others can add to this list as well.

Sounds like we have another issue to raise at the
next Club Council get-together...

It's a shame that this issue occured. I enjoyed
the race, especially the music provided along
the Washington Heights course.

Hopefully, NYRR will immediately start taking steps
to ensure that today's foul-up will NOT occur again.
I just hope that they don't have a "false sense
of security" (i.e. "We're the only game in town,
even if we provide sub-standard races, runners
have no choice but to run them to qualify for the
Marathon, etc. etc"). Exclusivity or no, they
have the responsiblity to get it right, esp. as
one of the premier, and most
visible running clubs in the world.

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