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SIAC vs. Rockets
By: Alma R. Ramos

Saturday August third was the day
When the SIAC & Rockets decided to play
A softball game to find out who
Could score the most runs out of the two

Sharing became the name of the game
As SIAC players & Rocket gloves did the same
Andy & Tommy tossed the balls
As a few made it over the invisible walls

As he scraped his leg sliding into third
Mark was cheered as he heard the word
That he was safe for all to see
Despite the blood coming down his knee

In the 3rd inning the Rockets began
A mass of runs as to a man
They circled the bases & got many hits
And left SIACers wondering if there were holes in their mitts.

When the dust was cleared the score was three to eleven
But the Rockets soon wished it had been the seventh
Because SIAC began to chip away
At the big lead that faced them today

Little by little, run by run
Singles and hits began to come
Their cheerleader Alma just couldn't leave
Despite many attempts to give her the heave.

Soon all there were amazed to see
A brand new score that said eleven to thirteen.
SIAC had climbed up into the lead,
And we all thought it a mighty fine deed.

The game was soon over, the ball put away
But not before everyone got to say
How nice it had been to play together
In this beautiful park in such lovely hot weather.

We look forward to more times like this
When these two running teams get to mix.
Cause there is no doubt in my mind or in yours
That these activities open new doors.

So - thanks Rockets for a fun day in the sun,
And we'll see you next time we're out for a run!