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A Thank You

By Ernie Beach

March 11, 2003 - As a member of the Staten Island running community there are things you see on the roads that instill certain good feelings. Clove Lakes Park, The Point, South Beach or Mt. Lorretto. These visuals have kept me confident in my life. I know when I was younger and my life did not have so much seriousness to it, these places represented fun, foolishness and the company of friends. Twenty five years later, fortunately, to some degree the same feelings are felt as I run past these places. Running with those I ran with as a youth is special as well. Things such as this can keep us all young at heart.

Clove Lakes Park is a foundation for runners that I'm sure many of the casual users of the park cannot feel. I remember seeing Bill Coyne running many times. He was a constant. Something special. I did not know him other than to say hello but I did admire his ability to "hit the roads". He was at the races, he was in the parks. I would imagine all he had seen in his life. I don't know if he ran his entire life but I used to see him and see his worn out running shoes putting in the miles. I'm sure he called them sneakers. He came from a different time.

I saw an obituary that read William Coyne. I thought, could it be? No, never. I did not find out until a couple of days had passed. I shook my head in sadness but then reflected for some time. I didn't know him other than to say hello but I will miss him.

Thank you Bill Coyne. I'm sure by seeing you out there many runners would lace up and hit the roads. Enjoy the finish line and the post race party.

You will be missed.