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" Eddy Coyle RIP"
By: Bob Orazem

August 6, 2002 - Eddy Coyle,76 long time running columnist for the Daily News died this week. Coyle was known throughout the metropolitan area for his sincere, personal, and usually inaccurate, style of writing. Coyle wrote a column on Tues .and Fri. for many years and focused strictly on local events.

Coyle never got involved in politics or the negative aspects of the running scene instead always focusing on the positive things, people's goals, pets etc... He was very unique and liked to talk about his sobriety. A few years ago he told me that it was his anniversary of being sober. When I asked him how many years he replied "50"!! I told him "your not an alcoholic if you can't remember what it tastes like any more". Well, better him than me.

Eddy was an accomplished marathoner and ultra runner and completed the NYC Marathon 10 years in a row. Recently, when I saw him he said he couldn't run any more but walked every day.

Eddy loved the Fire Department and Police Dept. competitions and always covered them. He did several articles on Marty Celic in preparation for the annual Marty Celic Running Festival. He also covered the FDNY vs. NYPD Annual 5 Miler with much zest and enthusiasm.

If you ever met Eddy you would be impressed by his beautiful and sincere personality. I will miss him.

RIP Eddy.