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3 Mile
Fun Run

March 16, 2019


Chris Croff and Anna Maj were the winners of the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park.  Croff covered the three mile course in 17:54, while Dave Michaels (18:12) and Scott LaMorte (22:55) placed second and third for the men.
Maj won the women's race in 19:56, with Amy Eshleman (23:59) and Debra Mahr (24:02) finishing second and third for the women.
Chris Croff 17:54
Dave Michaels 18:12
Anna Maj 19:56
Scott LaMorte 22:55
Amy Eshleman 23:59
Debra Mahr 24:02
John Britz 24:02
Ava Gumb 24:18
Eddie Lydon 24:48
Pat Mooney 25:43
Gisselle Gutierrez 27:58
Larry Moss 28:15
Kevin Gumb Jr. 28:20
Kevin Gumb Sr. 28:21
John Tiernan 28:30
Nancy Wagner-Wetzel 28:51
Lisa Ricca 28:52
Ramon Brown 29:09
Yolande Rose 30:00
Bonni Moss 30:50
Natalya Chaldysheva 31:34
Kim  Lawrence 32:00
Ingrid Gumb 32:31
Lynn Decker 36:01
Maria Whitty 38:22
Camille Lazar 48:02
Angela Conte 48:02
Kathy Mezzano 53:23
Jeannie Rowan 53:23
Angie Galluccio 53:23