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3 Mile Fun Run

December 7, 2002
by Dave Panza

Tim Whalen and 9-year old Christine Connelly were the winners of the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park. Whalen covered the three-mile course in 19:16, outlasting Scott LaMorte (19:28) and Frank Connelly (19:32).

Christine finished in 23:22, coming from behind in the second loop to overcome Colleen Mulligan (23:51). Mary Salisbury was third in 29:50.

A cold day and icy conditions greeted the small group of runners today, with youth prevailing. 15-year old St. Joseph's star Tim Whalen was the second runner this year at the Fun Run to run on the wrong side of the lake in the first loop and still win. Whalen lost at least a minute after he realized his error and waited for Scott LaMorte and Frank Connelly to cross over the bridge after the first turn. He then outlasted the duo in the corrected second loop.

Frank's daughter Christine spotted Colleen Mulligan 15 seconds at the turn, and then finally took the lead on the final hill, cruising to victory from there.

This race occurred the morning after the SIAC Holiday party. Who will ever forget Mark Vogt's stirring rendition of the Kinks' "Lola", but I could have done without hearing the real version again on the radio coming to the race today. I left to the strains of Ernie Beach singing some unrecognizable song in Irish brogue. Congrats to birthday girl Lisa Rigolini for organizing the very successful outing.

Place	Name			Time	Pace	
1 Tim Whalen 0:19:16 0:06:25 2 Scott LaMorte 0:19:28 0:06:29 3 Frank Connelly 0:19:32 0:06:31 4 David Michaels 0:20:57 0:06:59 5 Mark Vogt 0:21:15 0:07:05 6 Bob Polchinski 0:21:52 0:07:17 7 Anthony Sekulo 0:22:01 0:07:20 8 Sean Dixon 0:22:19 0:07:26 9 Mike Sekulo 0:22:38 0:07:33 10 Fred Rigolini 0:23:18 0:07:46 11 Christine Connelly 0:23:22 0:07:47 12 Colleen Mulligan 0:23:51 0:07:57 13 John Wowk 0:24:29 0:08:10 14 Ron Cohen 0:26:54 0:08:58 15 Matt Moore 0:27:04 0:09:01 16 Tony Celentano 0:28:44 0:09:35 17 Mary Salisbury 0:29:50 0:09:57