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3 Mile Fun Run

September 28, 2002
by Dave Panza

A-Born Etchison and Winnie Ng posted victories at the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park. Etchison toured the three-mile course in 18:30, narrowly defeating second-place Sean Doyle (18:35). Alberto Garcia (18:59), Scott LaMorte (19:14) and Gene Galasso (19:57) rounded out the top five men.

Ng was first for the women and third overall in 18:36. Alma Ramos (22:14) was a distant second, while Lisa Rigolini (27:17), Barbara North (27:17) and Ruth Fairbrother (28:56) finished third through fifth, respectively.

A cool early autumn breeze and clear conditions greeted the runners today, as Winnie Ng made a bid to post a rare female overall win at the Fun Run. Running with Sean Doyle, the two nearly overcame eventual winner A-Born Etchison, but A-Born fended off the duo.

Ruth Fairbrother released her dog Fido yards from the finish line, and our fit, furry friend scampered seconds ahead of Ruth, so we list him separately in the results.

Thanks to Lisa Rigolini for the baked cookies and Mark and Sue Vogt for the donuts.

Our third softball game ensued after the Fun Run, with both teams slipping and sliding in the puddles of water and infield muck. We think the game ended in a tie, but both teams had their moments in the sun. Little Leaguers Liam Vogt and his several friends joined the fray. Lisa Rigolini showed she can do more than bake cookies, with a complete game pitching effort. Yours truly was airborne after a diving attempt landed me in the muck on my behind. Dan Bisceglie correctly compared my effort to Brian Boitano, presumably his triple axel, but Dan didn't specify. And yes, I will not cheat on Scott LaMorte again, after moving into the infield from my outfield position for one of Scott's at-bats. After showing no power previously, he cleared all our heads with a powerful double.

Place	Name			Time	Pace	
1 A-Born Etchison 0:18:30 0:06:10 2 Sean Doyle 0:18:35 0:06:12 3 Winnie Ng 0:18:36 0:06:12 4 Alberto Garcia 0:18:59 0:06:20 5 Scott LaMorte 0:19:14 0:06:25 6 Gene Galasso 0:19:57 0:06:39 7 Mario Ricca Jr. 0:19:58 0:06:39 8 Mark Vogt 0:19:58 0:06:39 9 Tom Cavanagh 0:21:42 0:07:14 10 Stephen Hook 0:21:45 0:07:15 11 Fred Rigolini 0:21:46 0:07:15 12 Alma Ramos 0:21:14 0:07:05 13 Jim Hepworth 0:22:36 0:07:32 14 Charlie Marchese 0:23:02 0:07:41 15 Bill Allert 0:23:34 0:07:51 16 Dan Orlando 0:23:43 0:07:54 17 Chris Ngan 0:24:09 0:08:03 18 Alan Fairbrother 0:24:30 0:08:10 19 Paul Forster 0:24:40 0:08:13 20 Tony Celentano 0:25:26 0:08:29 21 Phil Gabriel 0:26:08 0:08:43 22 John T. Leide 0:26:50 0:08:57 23 Lisa Rigolini 0:27:17 0:09:06 24 Barbara North 0:27:17 0:09:06 25 John M. Leide 0:27:25 0:09:08 26 Fido 0:28:52 0:09:37 27 Ruth Fairbrother 0:28:56 0:09:39 28 Joe Kearns 0:31:04 0:10:21 29 Jimmy Hart 0:31:05 0:10:22