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3 Mile Fun Run

September 14, 2002
by Dave Panza

Chris Strumolo and Winnie Ng posted easy victories at the weekly SIAC Run For Fun at Clove Lakes Park. Strumolo toured the three-mile course in 18:03, pulling away from second place Jeff Benjamin (18:30) and third place Ng (18:39) in the latter stages of the race. Vinny Stasi was third for the men in 18:54, while Gail Marino (21:01) and Alma Ramos (24:13) rounded out the top three for the women.

The pace was slow for this edition of the Fun Run, as conditions were deceptively humid for the runners. As always, Marie Garone attempted to run her first loop before the first overall finisher completed the course, and seemed about to accomplish that feat, before Chris Strumolo came flying around the bend. Chris was warming up for the Wagner College Invitational that same morning, and after running at moderate pace most of the race, went into high gear to pull away from his coach Jeff Benjamin and women's winner Winnie Ng.

The second SIAC softball game followed, with much eventual scoring after a slow start. The mixed sides of mainly SIAC members produced a 13-7 outcome. Scott LaMorte, on the losing side, repeatedly asserted afterwards that he hates to lose. Yes, I will plug myself since it's my column. I nearly had my first six hit game in my illustrious 24-year softball career, settling for reaching on an error in my final at-bat. Kudos to Jason Hart for bare-handing several balls (including a pop on the final out) and Andy Burek for pitching our side to victory (compared to several needed pitchers on the other side). Big hit by Fred Rigolini in the decisive final inning, and wife Roberta also reached base for the winners. Mark Vogt slugged a two-run double after Art Noland and I nearly collided. Mike Garone and Lisa Rigolini as the infield combo for the losers resorted to tongue-in-cheek in-fighting about base coverage, so you knew the game was over then.

The competition was fierce, including a guarantee from Scottie that he would not leave a key run on third base with two out, and he backed up his words with a hit. And Lisa Rigolini plunked a run-scoring hit despite my diving effort, leaving quite a bruise on my knee. Trail Dog broke his nail at third base, Jimmy Love Hart was the emotional backbone of the losing side, exhorting his troops throughout.

Fun Run will go on next week, around the six hour race, which starts at 8AM, Fun Run at 9AM as always.

Place	Name			Time	Pace	
1 Chris Strumolo 0:18:03 0:06:01 2 Jeff Benjamin 0:18:30 0:06:10 3 Winnie Ng 0:18:39 0:06:13 4 Vinny Stasi 0:18:54 0:06:18 5 Stephen Hall 0:19:30 0:06:30 6 Ron Iammartino 0:20:01 0:06:40 7 Anthony Skomina 0:20:02 0:06:41 8 Mario Ricca, Jr. 0:20:10 0:06:43 9 Mark Vogt 0:20:10 0:06:43 10 Ron Cohen 0:20:29 0:06:50 11 Sean Dixon 0:20:46 0:06:55 12 Gail Marino 0:21:01 0:07:00 13 Jason Pinero 0:21:37 0:07:12 14 Art Noland 0:21:37 0:07:12 15 Jim Van Name 0:21:54 0:07:18 16 Tom Cavanagh 0:22:27 0:07:29 17 Andy Burek 0:23:02 0:07:41 18 Fred Rigolini 0:23:04 0:07:41 19 Charlie Marchese 0:23:04 0:07:41 20 Rich Orazem 0:23:05 0:07:42 21 Larry Araneo 0:23:30 0:07:50 22 Ray Butler 0:23:52 0:07:57 23 Alma Ramos 0:24:13 0:08:04 24 Mark Long 0:24:24 0:08:08 25 Chris Ngan 0:24:46 0:08:15 26 Barbara Reno 0:25:08 0:08:23 27 Matt Moore 0:25:11 0:08:24 28 Paul Forster 0:25:13 0:08:24 29 Matthew Arroyo 0:25:13 0:08:24 30 Tony Celentano 0:25:15 0:08:25 31 John Ladley 0:25:49 0:08:36 32 Kethy Truscelli 0:26:10 0:08:43 33 John Caramanno 0:27:28 0:09:09 34 Lisa Rigolini 0:27:55 0:09:18 35 Mike Garone 0:28:31 0:09:30 36 Marie Garone 0:36:21 0:12:07