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3 Mile Fun Run

March 16, 2002
by Dave Panza

Brian Auer and Winnie Ng coasted to victories at the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park. Auer covered the three-mile course in 17:29, narrowly defeating second place Scott LaMorte (17:43) after trailing at the halfway point. Frank Connelly (18:03), Luis Oyola (18:18) and Mark Vogt (18:46) placed third through fifth overall.

Ng won the women's division in 19:17, easily defeating second place Alma Ramos (22:04). Phylllis Spencer of the NYPD (22:26), Andrea Dorman (24:21) and 9-year old Christine Connelly (24:40) rounded out the top five females.

Brian Auer tracked Scott LaMorte for the entire first loop, finally overtaking Scott just before Martlings Avenue in the second loop. I spoke to Brian's mom during the race, and told her I expected Brian to catch Scott during the second loop, but then get a quick response from Scott. But Scott told me afterwards he didn't have a response in him today.

Winnie Ng cruised to victory over Alma Ramos O'Neill. Yes, Alma's grandmother's name is O'Neill, and Alma added it to her name in honor of St. Patrick's weekend.

It's a slow news day when the highlight was the after-race dusting of several runners by a bird eager to relieve some excess baggage from the sky. We thought it was some drops of rain, since light rain had begun to fall, but Gene Galasso noticed his head was a different kind of wet, and his white tank top had new green designs on it. But few were spared, as I, Mark Vogt and Bobby Guidera were dusted as well. Somewhere, a bird is having a few beers with his flock laughing about us.

Daniel Bisceglie has promised to put his correct age on the Wolfes Pond race application next week. His age on the Fun Run sheets has ranged from 5 to 59. We all want to know what age category he's in, to properly handicap next week's field. No Fun Run next week, incidentally.

Place	Name			Time	
1. Brian Auer 17:29 2. Scott LaMorte 17:43 3. Frank Connelly 18:03 4. Luis Oyola 18:18 5. Mark Vogt 18:46 6. Gene Galasso 18:54 7. Ken Pickell 19:04 8. Steve Woitkowski 19:12 9. Daniel Bisceglie 19:14 10. Winnie Ng 19:17 11. Kevin Campbell 20:02 12. Bobby Guidera 20:05 13. Anthony Skomina 20:29 14. Scott Hall 20:37 15. Fred Rigolini 21:31 16. Jesse Allert 21:59 17. Ed Manganel 22:02 18. Bill Allert 22:03 19. Alma Ramos 22:04 20. Dom DelPrete 22:24 21. Phyllis Spencer 22:26 22. Jonathan Cane 22:26 23. Jason Paderon 22:27 24. Carl Fiorillo 23:08 25. Alex Liberatore 23:45 26. Andrea M. Dorman 24:21 27. Christine Connelly 24:40 28. Tony Celentano 25:29 29. Paul Forster 25:44 30. Anthony Catania 26:14 31. David Yue 26:24 32. Ruth Fairbrother 27:04 33. John Ladley 27:24 34. Mike Garone 27:26 35. Elizabeth Quinones 27:34 36. Marie Garone 34:57