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3 Mile Fun Run

February 23, 2002

Scott LaMorte and Gail Marino posted victories at the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park. LaMorte covered the three mile course in 18:35, narrowly defeating Luis Oyola (18:45). David Panza (18:57), Daniel Bisceglie (19:11) and Gene Galasso (19:20) rounded out the top five finishers.

Marino won the women's division in 21:10, while Alma Ramos finished second in 22:48. Patricia O'Brien (22:58), Lissy Binder (23:02) and Maggie Mastrandrea (25:32) finished third through fifth for the women.

Scott LaMorte won the Fun Run for the first time in awhile by outdueling Luis Oyola. Scott pushed out to a big early lead, then watched as Luis ultimately passed him just after the first turn. But Scott regained his composure and took command of the race again. Luis backed off with a leg injury suffered last week, but Scott ran a great race, and proclaimed afterward several times, "I'm back!!"

Marie Garone posted her best time in five years, with the help and inspiration of Elizabeth Quinones. Marie is officially a force to be reckoned with this year, and we'll keep an eye on her progress. But hearing her breathe so hard at the end of today's race, I remarked that she now knows what it's like, the next time she wants to poke at my noisy huffing and puffing. You go, girl!!

Alma Ramos continues on the comeback trail during the races, and also continues to make news off the course. Today, she nearly dropped the bullhorn handed to her by Andy Burek for a pre-race announcement. We will not be pairing these two in any relay races involving batons, needless to say. And in the post race workout, she managed to fall badly, despite being surrounded by John Wowk and Trail Dog Manganel. As of this writing, we await the results of her hip self-examination.

Place	Last Name		Time	Pace	
1 Scott LaMorte 0:18:35 0:06:12 2 Luis Oyola 0:18:45 0:06:15 3 David Panza 0:18:57 0:06:19 4 Daniel Bisceglie 0:19:11 0:06:24 5 Gene Galasso 0:19:20 0:06:27 6 Steve Woitkowski 0:19:36 0:06:32 7 Sean Dixon 0:20:35 0:06:52 8 Fred Rigolini 0:20:41 0:06:54 9 Scott Hall 0:20:58 0:06:59 10 Ed Manganel 0:21:00 0:07:00 11 Gail Marino 0:21:10 0:07:03 12 Kevin Campbell 0:21:18 0:07:06 13 Alma Ramos 0:22:48 0:07:36 14 Patricia O'Brien 0:22:58 0:07:39 15 Lissy Binder 0:23:02 0:07:41 16 Al Nilles 0:23:20 0:07:47 17 Christopher Walsh 0:23:44 0:07:55 18 Mike Carullo 0:23:58 0:07:59 19 Ray Butler 0:24:24 0:08:08 20 Joe Feldstein 0:24:44 0:08:15 21 Maggie Mastrandrea 0:25:32 0:08:31 22 Paul Forster 0:25:56 0:08:39 23 Tony Celentano 0:27:06 0:09:02 24 Mike Garone 0:27:16 0:09:05 25 Lisa Rigolini 0:27:41 0:09:14 26 Francis Neller Sr. 0:33:00 0:11:00 27 Elizabeth Quinones 0:33:40 0:11:13 28 Marie Garone 0:33:47 0:11:16