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3 Mile Fun Run

February 16, 2002

Chris Strumulo and Barbara Byrne cruised to easy victories in the weekly Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park. Strumolo covered the three-mile course in 17:34, easily outdistancing second place Scott LaMorte (18:31). Justin Berg (18:44), Anthony Velez (18:47) and Daniel Bisceglie (18:57) placed third through fifth, respectively.

Byrne won the women's race in 19:55, with Alma Ramos second in 22:23. Patricia O'Brien (22:43), Lisa Mangus (24:10) and Lisa Rigolini (27:21) rounded out the top five women.

Chris Strumolo cruised an uncontested victory when Luis Oyola dropped out at the first turn with a severe cramp. Luis was wincing for a short time, but the familiar smile returned shortly thereafter, so all seems well. It was wise of Luis to not push the injury in a fun run, with bigger races coming up. Barbara Bryne broke 20:00 with a few seconds to spare this week, as opposed to a fraction of a second last week. Very consistent effort, as usual, for Barbara.

This writer will be comprising a top ten moments list for 2002 at the Fun Run, and one moment sure to make the list is the race between Marie Garone and Chris Strumolo. You see, Marie attempts each week to finish her first lap before anyone finishes the race, and with Chris in full flight down the final stretch, Marie glanced over her shoulder to assess her chances. She then sprinted as hard as she could and ended the first lap at the same instant as Chris's 17:34 finish. She then had a whole loop left! "Was that worth it?", I cried out. Her emphatic reply was "Yes!". Excellent!!

Alma Ramos is creating beautiful quilts to honor Steve Lauria and Tom Celic, and will present to Ann Lauria and Roseann Celic upon completion. Alma will sew anyone's thoughts and feelings for these fine men into the quilt. She will be taking your written thoughts at the Fun Run until March 16, so come on down to the Fun Run to take part.

Place	Last Name		Time	Pace	
1 Chris Strumolo 0:17:34 0:05:51 2 Scott LaMorte 0:18:31 0:06:10 3 Justin Berg 0:18:44 0:06:15 4 Anthony Velez 0:18:47 0:06:16 5 Daniel Bisceglie 0:18:57 0:06:19 6 Andrew Cheng 0:19:00 0:06:20 7 JonathanRodriguez 0:19:09 0:06:23 8 Michael Ricciardone 0:19:52 0:06:37 9 Barbara Byrne 0:19:55 0:06:38 10 Rich Gilberto Jr. 0:20:03 0:06:41 11 Kevin Campbell 0:20:23 0:06:48 12 Keith Gill 0:21:05 0:07:02 13 Scott Hall 0:21:25 0:07:08 14 Phil Jonas 0:21:35 0:07:12 15 Alam Ramos 0:22:23 0:07:28 16 BIll Allert 0:22:23 0:07:28 17 PatriciaO'Brien 0:22:43 0:07:34 18 Steve Maluk 0:22:54 0:07:38 19 Dan Orlander 0:23:56 0:07:59 20 Lisa Mangus 0:24:10 0:08:03 21 Walter Woods 0:24:12 0:08:04 22 Alex Liberatore 0:24:12 0:08:04 23 John Wowk 0:25:03 0:08:21 24 Paul Forster 0:25:48 0:08:36 25 Emil Erlich 0:25:52 0:08:37 26 Richard Ruberto 0:26:00 0:08:40 27 Mike Garone 0:26:50 0:08:57 28 Lisa Rigolini 0:27:21 0:09:07 29 Marie Garone 0:35:20 0:11:47