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3 Mile Fun Run

February 2, 2002

Luis Oyola and 14-year old Kristin Farley posted easy victories in the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at blustery Clove Lakes Park. Oyola covered the three-mile course in 18:05, besting second place Justin Berg (18:55). David Panza (19:08), Daniel Bisceglie (19:17) and Steve Woitkowski (19:26) rounded out the top five men.

Farley won the women's division and finished third overall in the race in 18:57, with Barbara Byrne a distant second in 20:17. Kristin's mom Barbara Farley was third in 22:46, while Lisa Mangus (24:20) and Fran Messina (24:51) were fourth and fifth, respectively. The race was run in honor of Tony Celentano, who celebrated his 70th birthday by running 25:20.

The stories of the day involved a masters star, a young budding star and an elder statesman. The masters star is Luis Oyola, who posted an easy victory after several frustrating second place finishes recently. The young budding star is 14-year old Kristin Farley, who posted a fine 18:57 in winning the women's race, finishing third overall officially. I say officially because a St. Peter's High School runner finished second behind Luis, but did not sign in, moving Justin Berg up to second.

This writer had a bird's eye view of Kristin's talent, as I battled her the whole way. After finally passing her at Martlings on the second loop and thinking I had put back the challenge, she proceeded to whip past me again, and pulled away effortlessly. As Steve Lauria would have written, look for this name in the coming years. She' s the real deal!!

Tony Celentano celebrated his 70th birthday at the race, and I had the honor of watching him sign his age on the pad. He carefully and artistically crafted the 7 in 70. Afterwards, Tony shared his album of past marathon certificates. By his count, he's had 30 marathons, many with outstanding times. We asked about his plans for the day, and he responded "Rest". You've earned it, mate! Congrats to Trevor George for a personal best of 24:03.

Thanks to Mark Vogt, Fred Rigolini and master baker Lisa Rigolini for the refreshments afterwards. And quote of the day goes to new President Ernie Beach, who announced my approach to the finish line with "Here comes the second place child".

Place	Last Name		Time	Pace	
1 Luis Oyola 0:18:05 0:06:02 2 Justin Berg 0:18:55 0:06:18 3 Kristin Farley 0:18:57 0:06:19 4 David Panza 0:19:08 0:06:23 5 Daniel Bisceglie 0:19:17 0:06:26 6 Steve Woitkowski 0:19:26 0:06:29 7 Michael Ricciardone 0:19:53 0:06:38 8 Barbara Byrne 0:20:17 0:06:46 9 Bob Polchinski 0:20:18 0:06:46 10 Sean Dixon 0:20:30 0:06:50 11 Anthony Skomina 0:20:55 0:06:58 12 Kevin Campbell 0:21:12 0:07:04 13 Scott Hall 0:21:57 0:07:19 14 Fred Rigolini 0:22:27 0:07:29 15 Barbara Farley 0:22:46 0:07:35 16 Jimmy Hart 0:23:30 0:07:50 17 Bill Allert 0:23:39 0:07:53 18 Trevor George 0:24:03 0:08:01 19 Lisa Mangus 0:24:20 0:08:07 20 Fran Messina 0:24:51 0:08:17 21 Joe Feldstein 0:25:00 0:08:20 22 Bill Rivers 0:25:13 0:08:24 23 Tony Celentano 0:25:20 0:08:27 24 Paul Forster 0:26:21 0:08:47 25 Ruth Fairbrother 0:27:06 0:09:02 26 Joun Lilley 0:27:26 0:09:09 27 Mike Garone 0:27:36 0:09:12 28 Mike McCool 0:27:46 0:09:15 29 John Ladley 0:27:47 0:09:16 30 Lisa Rigolini 0:28:03 0:09:21 31 ElizabethQuinones 0:29:07 0:09:42 32 Joe Kearns 0:31:18 0:10:26 33 Marie Garone 0:36:09 0:12:03