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March 21, 2001

What's going on?

by Bob Orazem
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What's going on? It's been almost 2 years (May 19th) since the announcement that Staten Island would be getting an Indoor Track. No new news has come from the Boro President's office since before 9/11. So what's going on? I don't know... I didn't know the Bill Welsh tribute event was a once and over event. I was looking forward to a good nite out roasting the "Coach" oh well... For a couple of great photos of Britney Spears go to the Richmond Rocket web site... Congratulations to Tom Cuffe of Farrell and JoAnne Kopycinski of Sea for coaching the winning teams in the Staten Island Championship in Manhattan. I know that having the Staten Island Championship in Manhattan doesn't sound right but that is the reality of the situation. Could you imagine other sports having their championship in another boro...The Outdoor Track & Field Championship will be a combined girls and boys meet under the lights at Farrell on a Weekend in early May. Bring your cooler... I'm hoping the Triple Crown will bring out a decent male runner from Staten Island... On the bulletin Board section of this site an old friend is looking for Jeanine DeVito. So are a lot of guys...Scott Catone was in town recently and reports his team is doing great, despite not having an Indoor or Outdoor track. Scott is considering purchasing some farm animals to keep him and his new bride Theresa busy in the town of 23... The Forest Ave Mile this year was a huge success w/over 165 finishers and no problems at the finish line. I have worked the finish line for years and every possible crazy problem that could possibly happen has. In one of the earlier races Ronaldson Director Tom Gardner dropped the spindle at the finish. But it was a new concept as we randomly assigned times and places. Thought you ran 4:45? No you didn't. You ran 6:56. I liked the concept but it really didn't catch on...Anyways, Gardner was suspended for 5 years and asked to just drink at the parade, not help then drink...As a member of the Celic Committee for the last 10 years we are having a tuff year w/ two of our 7 members w/cancer and Tom murdered. In Tom's memory we somehow will endure... No beer at the Scott's run? Isn't there a law against a FDNY race and no beer?... Kari Proffitt continues to quietly amaze me. At age 45 she is in the top 10 at all Central Park races she enters. With no fanfare... Scott LaMorte has been seen training several times lately... The Hart-Hart( No relation yet) wedding should be the affair of the year this Sat. nite at Snug Harbor. I bet Tom will come in on a recycling Garbage truck to wow the fans...Poor Carol...But anyways congrats to a great couple...