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Posted by Rich Re on November 29, 2005 at 16:58:50:

Thanks to all of those that emailed me and submitted posts with their opinions about how I should run the forum. I appreciate the input, but the bottom line is I have to make a decision on what is best for my site. If I feel that a post is inappropriate I will delete it and I donít feel that I need to explain myself. If anybody is unhappy with how the forum is being run, send me an email at and I will, at your request, remove your access so you will not have to participate in something that you disapprove of.

Itís unfortunate that the people that do the most bickering can also be credited with contributing some of the most interesting posts on the forum. Why donít we deal with the personal dislike or disagreement on a one-on-one basis? If you take exception, or feel personally attacked, by a post on the forum, please contact that person directly and hash it out via email or meet face to face and discuss the problem privately. If you are concerned about any legal aspects of postings on the site, I appreciate your concern but let me worry about that issue and I will make decisions accordingly. This way, we can discuss the issue at hand without having to navigate our way through posts regarding personal disagreements, legal issues, or misunderstandings.

Thank You

Rich Re

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