DAY #39, Tuesday 7/20/04--RACE ACROSS AMERICA-Louis Rodriguez (Agnes filling in story)

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Posted by Gail Marino on November 19, 2004 at 16:33:00:

In Reply to: RACE ACROSS AMERICA-Louis Rodriguez updates posted by Gail Marino on August 02, 2004 at 09:02:43:

RAA DAY # 39 TUESDAY 7/20/04

It is a warm morning as we leave Norton, Kansas for 47.1 miles to Kensington, Kansas with a cutoff time of 13 hrs 27 min. Lou & Taka start out together. Taka looks strong this morning, but is still unable to move as he did in the beginning. An injury alone can alter your mind set & make you extremely apprehensive about your running. But forward on, we must go. Don is running in the back of the pack today, just in front of Lou & Taka. Which only seems to strengthen my feelings of how I felt about yesterday, when Don was running with Bob. But if Don runs in the front of the pack again during the remainder of the run, then I will admit that my skepticism was totally out of conjuncture.
The sun is out in full force today, promising us a long hot one. I can feel the heat rising, not only within myself but as the day progresses, I am sure hot will be an understatement. We don't want to make waves, so we will be out in the hot sun until close to cutoff time. I am quite sure that there is not another soul here or anywhere else for that matter, that would accept all that we have during this trip & stay for more. Most of the mornings, Taka starts out running with his breakfast or leftover from late last night such as rice or pizza. We know as well as Taka, that running these long distances on empty is very difficult. We are really the only ones getting one meal a day because of the late finishes. Sometimes Taka ends up throwing up his breakfast along the side of the road after a mile or so. Lou is walking along side Taka as he jogs for the 1st 3 hrs. Alan comments to me about Taka throwing up his breakfast. He says that it is terrible watching him throwing up, but thatís what you get when you only eat one meal a day & that its Taka's lesson, not his. I just listen, we are in Takas company with one meal a day because of the late finishes, not out of desire or purposefulness. In my opinion, these words can only be uttered from a man who's heart reeks of compassion.
By 10:30, it was already 95 degrees. Lou started running after 3 hrs of walking & was able to catch up to Olivier & Don. So the rest of the day consisted of running alternating with walking & hanging around alongside of the cornfields. Don's crew, G apologized to me for what Don did yesterday. He said that he heard Don was not nice to us yesterday. I thanked him for his kindness. Once in the towns, we kept ourselves busy filling the mailboxes with the breast cancer pamphlets. It was a solace for us because it helped us to make some sort of sense of why we continue on. So we brush yesterdays events off of our shoulder, raise our heads up high & continue on with delivering our pamphlets because we know it is important.
By 2:30 pm, it was 104 degrees & at 4:15, it was 106 degrees. Kaz hit Kensington in 10:47, Lou in 11:58, Don & Olivier in 12:51 & Taka in 13:22, just 5 min within cutoff. Cutoff was 7:27 pm & now we must drive about 15 1/2 miles to the motel in Phillipsburg, register, shower, eat & try to rest because the stores are most likely closed for supplies. Till tomorrow, Lou & Agnes

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