DAYS 59-61: RACE ACROSS AMERICA-Louis Rodriguez updates

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Posted by Gail Marino on August 12, 2004 at 09:25:09:

In Reply to: RACE ACROSS AMERICA-Louis Rodriguez updates posted by Gail Marino on August 02, 2004 at 09:02:43:

Agnes is catching up on race updates -- here are three days' worth, written by Agnes Oquendo, who is crewing for Louis Rodriguez, a participant in the Race Across America; see previous posts for details, and check out the reports and photos of the Race Across America at their official website:

If you'd like to contact Lou and Agnes directly, you can reach them by e-mail at -GM

DAY #59 MONDAY 8/9/04

Todays run is from Wagram, Ohio to New Concord for 53.2 miles with a cutoff of 15hrs 12mins. Lou started out with Kaz & Taka and equipped with pamphlets in hand on early detection of breast cancer for the mailboxes as they passed them. unfortunately, I awoke this morning with a migraine. I felt as though my head was about to explode as well as pressure around my ears. I was a mess but I thought that I could drive.
I tried really hard to drive and crew and I did for about 13 miles until Lou noticed how uncomfortable I was and kicked me out of the drivers seat. I reluctantly went into the passenger seat and passed out for just about the entire day. From then on, Lou drove, crewed Taka, ran from mailbox to mailbox & to the car as he delivered the pamphlets. I don't think the US Mail or the ponyexpress could have done better.
I did wake up once to witness 3 large dogs barking & coming towards Taka as he was looking for a place to run to besides forward. Lou told Taka, " not to worry, I fight dogs for you". Then with a stern voice, Lou told the dogs to sit. They continued to bark as they sat with wagging tails. It was a funny site, even through my barely opened eyes. Taka finished with 6 minutes to spare.
til tomorrow, Lou & Agnes

DAY #60 TUESDAY 8/10/04

We started out in New Concord, Ohio to St. Clairsville for 51.1 miles with a cutoff time of 14hrs 36min. Because I was sick yesterday, we left late today so that I could sleep a little longer. We caught up to Taka at 13 miles. The rain was coming down heavy. Days like this, makes one happy to be the crew rather than the runner. But thats what they make raingear for. So Lou and Taka played in the rain for a while before the sun finally arrived and then humidity. This is perfect weather for Lou.
Because a bridge was out, the route was changed to a very dangerous road without a shoulder along twisting, winding rolling hills. I took a wrong turn at least once. The rain returned a few more times in order to make the day interesting. There is 1.8 miles of interstate running against the traffic on I-70. Bob made it through without the police seeing him. Luc spoke to the police in French, so they let him go but they picked Russell up & drove him to the off ramp. So for the rest, they had to be driven & make up the mileage on the road.
Being a crew, sometimes makes me feel like a grandmother because at the stops, I am always trying to feed Lou & usually Taka. I have snacks of chips, pretzels, peanuts, cookies, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cheese, donuts & more ready for them to eat as well as drinks.
We found many mailboxes along this route also. Taka made it in with 30 minutes to spare. Till tomorrow.
Lou & Agnes

DAY #61 WEDNESDAY 8/11/04

Today we started in St. Clairsville, Ohio to finish in Washington, Pa. for 37.7 miles with a cutoff of 10hrs 46min. It started out slightly cool with some fog. Bob was way out in front, Olivier held on to 2nd position for a while & Luc, Russell & Kaz were tied for 3rd. Lou had no choice but to stay behind all of them because the journey runner rule made for him, made it clear not to pass the 3rd runner. So he started walking until the lineup changes which is usually after a few hours. Lou hit the mailboxes on one side & I hit the other side.Taka was looking good.
We went over the Ohio River and into state # 11, West Virginia. By 14 miles, Lou caught up to Kaz. By 18 miles, Lou caught up to Olivier and they ran together for a few miles through the twisting, rolling hills on Hwy 40. A woman walking on the route told me that she lost her sister-in-law at age 47 to breast cancer after it spread to her bone. She was thankful for the information.
We finished in state # 12, Pennsylvania. Lou finished in the 4th position, the highest position he is allowed to finish in. His time or position does not matter because they are not really his time. But in order to stay, we must play by the rules.
Til tomorrow. Lou & Agnes

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