DAY 58: RACE ACROSS AMERICA-Louis Rodriguez updates

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Posted by Gail Marino on August 09, 2004 at 09:25:36:

In Reply to: RACE ACROSS AMERICA-Louis Rodriguez updates posted by Gail Marino on August 02, 2004 at 09:02:43:

Up to the minute update written by Agnes Oquendo, who is crewing for Louis Rodriguez, a participant in the Race Across America; see previous posts for details, and check out the reports and photos of the Race Across America at their official website:

Note to Louis Rodriguez / Agnes Oquendo fans: If you'd like to contact them directly, they would love to hear from you! You can reach them by e-mail at -GM

DAY 58: SUNDAY, AUGUST 8, 2004.

Today started out in South Viena, Ohio to Wagram for 47.5 miles with a cutoff of 13hrs 17min. It was dark & slightly cool as los tres amigos, Lou, Taka & Kaz began walking & or jogging toghether. Taka, feeling well but this 2:30 marathoner seems to be stuck in this slow pace barely at 17 min/mile. Then Kaz, suffering from a huge painful blister wrapped in tape. And Lou accompanying them equipped with a stack of breast cancer pamphlets filling mailboxes along the route. It will depend on how Taka feels if Lou will continue on with him or move on at a more comfortable pace.
The trio pose for a photo shoot and off they go. After 3 miles, Kaz moves on and Lou & Taka continue on. After 16 miles Taka convinces Lou that he is fine and Lou picks up a little in order to play their cat & mouse game. Lou picks it up and Taka tries to catch up. Sort of speed play. We are traveling on hwy 40. In a small town at a gas station, a woman asks Lou "where are you running to?" When he tells her NY and why, she expresses her gratitude. Then about 20 min. later, she drives by blowing her horn, yelling go & thank you.
In Columbus at about 27 miles, Lou is within striking distance of Kaz. I tell Lou that Kaz is about 1 1/2 miles in front of you. I started to laugh when I drove past Kaz looking for a spot & he saw me, he waved then started to pick up the pace because he knew that Lou must be a mile away. When Lou caught up to Kaz they ran together for a short while, then Lou went on or Kaz decided not to go.
On Parkview Ave, a beautiful treelined street with huge old homes, I saw Oliviers crew. I waited for Lou about a mile up this street and when I looked all I could see were huge green trees and this little white q-tip bouncing along, so I knew he was moving. Olivier was about 2 miles in front of Lou. When I finally drove by him, he smiled at me and waved & picked up his pace. All the runners know when a runner is coming because the crew usually drives up 1st. They know when I drive by, Lou is about a mile away. Then with about 7 miles left in the run, Lou catches up to Olivier and they run together for a while until they split up. We hit the 4000 km mark today & Oliviers family make Lou lie next to the mark to take his picture. Lou says, Olivier is getting away, they laugh & say we know. Oliviers family are really great.
It is sort of a game they all play together, Lou, Taka, Kaz & Olivier. They like it because they say Lou makes them move and they are happy for the change in pace. I like the game too because it gives a little excitement to the dance floor. Its really ashame that Lou is not allowed to play with the other boys. Their loss. Anyway with all this speedplay, Lou finished strong, gave out the paperwork and accompanied Taka. Not bad for an old man.
Tomorrow they start in Wagram to New Concord for 53.2 miles. Till then.
Lou & Agnes

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