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The Man on the Street
Issue #7
By John Kane

October 9, 1999

Lights out on Thursday Night Series

Yes folks, Thursdays just wont be the same until May 4, 2000. The last Thursday night run of the millennium (although I still believe that the next millennium starts in 2001 not 2000 just like the 21st century starts in 2001 because there was no year 0) took place on September 30th. Fall was certainly in the air as many spectators had jackets on instead of shorts. There was a turnout of about 25 runners, including myself. The race was made rather interesting as if you haven't noticed it's been getting darker earlier and earlier as is the case when fall starts. It was almost totally pitch black on the course which isn't lit. However, that did not stop the race. I was able to find my way through the course and win the race edging out Scott LaMorte. Gail Marino won the women's race.
Congratulations to Matt Rosselli (14:59, 8/26/99) and Jen Merschoff of Team High Rock for running the season's best times. Team High Rock members were a perfect 16 for 16 - winning every single race that at least one member competed in. The series will resume May 4th with the Fort Hamilton series returning on Tuesday nights. One thing great about Staten Island is that in the summer season, between Tuesdays at Fort Hamilton, the Wednesday Steiner Series, the Thursday Tommy Hart Series, and the SIAC-Cargo Café Saturday 3 Mile Fun Run, you're never more than 2 days away from a competition that at the most will cost you 3 bucks.

Paul Short Invitational Highlights

BETHLEHEM,PA - I guess I should be called the Man on the Trails. The morning after being at thrilling Game 3 at Shea Stadium, I headed out to Lehigh, PA to see my former teammates (UALBANY) compete in the Paul Short Invy. I was going to run myself but couldn't due the open race being too late for us to make it in time to Shea for Game 4. The course was fast and flat. The weather was perfect for cross country. Karina Acevedo led the Wagner women who started off fast. The quick start had her in the top 20 early on but she wound up a respectable 38th in 18:40. Chris Fekete and Anthony Canova led the men with times of 26:42 (120th) and 27:08, respectively. Staten Islander Jeff McDonnell of Rider University ran 25:50. Team High Rock member and Albany co-captain Andy Rickert (25:53) helped lead them to a 10th place finish, shocking a very powerful Cortland team. Albany was led by sophomore Jamie Rodriguez (25:18) and junior co-captain Mike Kiernan (25:32).
Coach Williams of the University at Albany called this "by far our best race to date" (Their goal was Top 15).

The Man Speaks:
I think there exists a certain etiquette of posting on the Staten Island Runner. In a forum that talks about how courses should be marked, the following was made on October 9th, 1999 by "Jim" of "Fordham University":

First off, what the hell is going on up there at wagner anyway. You guys have 3 all-star runners that have yet to do anything in college.. Yet they run real well at the summer races such as the triple crown , tommy hart , boilermaker etc... Its a real shame because they are running no where near their potential and have to suffer because of bad coaching. I'm just glad I don't run at Waagner because I improved alot in college and I'd be in the same situation as them. I mean I remember Fekete in highschool.13:23?? rosselli , all star 4:20 miler and canova also a low 4:20 miler? I think the coaches need to take a long hard look at themselves there.. because 28:00 mid for 5 miles doesn't cut it..also these guys ran 27 lows and 26 highs in the summer... Jim , Fordham University Runner

A couple of comments on this:
This post has nothing to do with the forum topic. Hey, Jim, first off, who are you? Why don't you leave your last name. Are you running 25 minutes every week?
Secondly, there is only one Jim on the 1999-2000 Fordham XC Roster and this person is a freshman. If this person is indeed Jim, how could you have improved a lot in college?? So, this person has probably made up their name and who they're from to begin with. Why don't you just worry about your own running? Matt Roselli has run two college races thus far. Tatem Park (Monmouth Inv. Course) is not comparable to the Pepper Martin. No cross country race is comparable to a road race. Let's see you finish second in the Pepper Martin next year or run 14:59 on the TH Course. Okay, enough of that. But, hey let's stop using this as a means of criticizing…and if you do want to critcize, at least have the guts to say who you REALLY are…and if this is who you really are leave your last name and e-mail.

On the Pavement:
A new section where the runners get to talk instead of me.
What is your favorite song to get you motivated before a race? Responses will be posted. E-mail THRKANE@AOL.COM.

Streetcorner will return next time with well-known local runner and running figure, Staten Island Athletic Club President, Bob Orazem. Other interviews will be on the way as a lot of people seem interested. I still want more. E-mail THRKANE@AOL.COM. I'd like to hear from you.

See you on the roads.