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The Man On The Street
by Peter “Camby” Carollo

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since this column has been updated. We’ve all either been away at school or busy with jobs in the real world. This column is going to be an update on how the members of Team High Rock have been doing in the off-season. The High Rockers were together during the holiday season discussing future plans for the team. Expect to see some new members as well as a new look for the team. Team High Rock will be preparing for the Advance Run once everyone finishes with class. Now on to the updates!

Chris “Where is Fekete?” Fekete
Our team captain Chris has been keeping busy up at Wagner College. He’s going to be graduating sometime in the near future. Chris had some problems with his hamstring so his training was hurt. He has started to compete as of late posting times of 4:31 for the mile and 9:08.8 for the 3000. Chris hopes to get into better shape so he can post a sub-4:30 mile and sub-9:00 3000. Chris has also been busy with the financial aspects of Team High Rock. We trust him with the money…or at least we pretend to.

Brendan “Healey, Healey!!!” Healey
Brendan Healey, a solid Team High Rock performer during last years Triple Crown has been keeping busy with graduate school at NYU. Brendan is using his remaining availability to compete this season. He has already posted 8:56 for the 3000. Brendan is in the best shape of his career as he prepares for championship meets and of course, this year’s Triple Crown.

Pete “The Pistol” Alfano
One of the most improved Team High Runners has been Pete Alfano. Pete has been competing on the traveling team for St. Johns since he started school. He has posted impressive times of 15:56 for the 5000 as well as 9:12 for the 3000. The most impressive part of these times is the fact that he ran them on the same day. Pete has also split 1:59 on his 4x800 team. Pete is expected to be a big contributor to Team High Rock this summer.

Doug “Happy” Auer
Doug has been keeping busy up at Wagner College this semester. He finds time to run even though he is majoring in Combinatorial Mathematical Equations. He’s a genius you know! Doug has posted a time of 9:37 for the 3000, a personal best for the Jedi master. Doug is looking forward to running better times this outdoor season. Be on the lookout for Doug’s younger brother Brian who is a real gutsy runner. Brian, who is a freshman at Petrides, may be joining the team this summer.

Matt “LJ” Rosselli
Matt, a sophomore at Wagner College has just gotten back into racing for his collegiate team after being out with an injury. He has posted a split of 1:59 on his 4x800 team. Matt is expected to be a big contributor to Team High Rock this summer. He also hopes to prove to everyone how good of a basketball player he is. I hear he was going to play for Wagner’s b-ball team but he was not eligible to play because he has given up his amateur b-ball status. Too bad for Matt.

Tommy “Flopkins” Hopkins
Tommy Hopkins has been solidly improving this season at Wagner College. After missing some time because of an injury that ripped his leg off, Tommy has been training hard to improve his times. Tommy has already posted a personal best of 9:23 for the 3000. Tommy is looking forward to coming to Staten Island this summer to compete with his THR teammates. He will be a big contributor to the team this summer if he can only make the long trek over the bridge every day.

Anthony “I’m the new RA” Canova
Anthony Canova has had a very busy semester so far at Wagner College. Anthony is the new RA on his floor so that means he has had to deal with a great deal of abuse from his fellow team members. Don’t let them get you down Floyd! Floyd has posted a school record 2:31 for the 1000 as well as a 1:57 split in the 4x800. Floyd will be a huge part of  THR’s success this summer as long as he makes it through the semester at school as the RA.

Jeff “The Predator” McDonnell
Jeff has been keeping busy at Rider University this semester. Jeff is doing real well for himself. Actually I have no idea how Jeff is doing because nobody has heard from him in a long time. Jeff, if you’re out there then e-mail one of us!!! If anyone has seen Jeff lately pass this message on to him. Thanks.

Ryan “Paranoid” Maxwell
Ryan has also been keeping real busy this semester finishing off graduate school at Notre Dame. Ryan had a great cross-country season and he is trying to carry that success over to the track. Unfortunately Ryan doesn’t have much free time on his hands because he too has disappeared with no trace. Ryan, are you out there somewhere? Quit pimping women and drop us a line.

John “Uncle Artie” Kane
Everyone’s favorite man on the street John Kane has been real busy these days. Artie Kane Kenobi has a full time job now at Arthur Anderson in Manhattan. Because he travels to other locations so much, John has not had as much time as he would like to train. He is looking forward to warmer weather and shorter workdays this spring so that he can get in shape for the Triple Crown.

The entire team is looking forward to getting together once this semester is over (which is a long time off from now), so that training can begin for the summer. We should all go out to Pete And Elda’s for the new shirts. Kane can pay, he’s rich! Look for the first ever Team High Rock biopic this summer directed by yours truly. It’ll give everyone a chance to see what goes on with the team throughout the summer. Maybe our secret to success will be given away. You’ll have to wait and see. I’ll keep you all updated on more news as soon as I know more information. Hope everyone is doing well in Staten Island. I’m doing great here at Penn State. I look forward to seeing everyone soon, especially Tommy Hart who has great elephant nuts!

If anyone has any questions or comments, you can reach me at If anyone is interested in being interviewed for future issues of The Man On The Street, let me know.