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The Staten Island AC's

3 Mile
Fun Run

November 7, 2020



Dave Michaels and Melissa Kraker were the winners of the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park.  Michaels covered the three mile course in 17:32, with David Carles close behind in 17:35 and David Dorsey third in 18:30.
Kraker won the women's race in 19:24, with Isabelle Cammayo (20:23) and Jen Marano (20:24) placing second and third for the women.
Dave Michaels 17:32
David Carles 17:35
David Dorsey 18:30
Melissa Kraker 19:24
Tim Mallen 19:28
Cliff Wilford 19:42
Ian Tabolt 20:21
Isabelle Cammayo 20:23
Jen Marano 20:24
Jeff Comerford 20:25
Mario Reyes 20:32
Martin Larrosa 20:55
Nicole Macri 20:55
Louis Ferraroni 20:55
Crescensio Diaz 21:05
Eddie Lydon 22:26
Raymond L. Rivera 23:27
Cynthia Aiello 27:17
Giselle Giglio 28:41
Yolande Rose 28:54
John Tiernan 32:47
Gina Bauer 35:52
Antonella Eramo 44:32
John Eramo 47:15
John Ladley 47:30
Angela Conte 48:07
Monica Leide 54:10