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July 10, 2000


by Chris Fekete

Maxwell takes the 2000 Triple Crown:
Ryan Maxwell(Team High Rock) former Notre Dame University and Monsignor Farrell standout had his eyes set on yet another win in this years Staten Island Triple Crown Series. The 'crowning jewel' Pepper Martin 5 Mile Run was the last leg that 'Max' needed in order to attain the sweep. He already had won the Memorial Day 4 Mile Run and the Al Ronaldson 5k and was really excited about the last race. The Pepper Martin, which is basically run in Maxwell's backyard, was the race that he has wanted to win since he was young. "Ever since I was a little kid, I was there to see all the great runners finish, I have always wanted to do that myself," said an elated Maxwell. The race went off with many people looking around to see who showed up on race day. It was very clear who was just messing around upfront and who was serious after the 800 mark. The men were separated from the boys. It appeared that Maxwell was going to have his work cut out for him because of some race day Princeton runners showing up.
The Runners switched positions like musical chairs going up Forest Ave. and into Silver Lake Park and the pack had then gotten smaller. Maxwell knew that this was most certainly a race now and he knew he had to keep strong mentally. "I saw these guys around me along with Alem(Kashay), and at this point I didn't feel that good," said Maxwell. "I knew it was going to take a late charge for me to pull this off." As the runners sped down Forest Ave. back towards Clove Lakes Maxwell threw in a surge that put him in front of Kashay. He was now going for the top 2 runners, in which he admits waiting too long to go for. "I think that I made my move a little too late, coming down Forest Ave. I felt pretty good," said Maxwell. As the top runner Gene Mitchell(25:47) entered Clove Lakes again he had a substantial lead and took the easy win. Mike Monagle(26:35), also from Princeton Running, made an errant turn before coming into the park, costing him 2nd place and pushing him back to 4th place. Maxwell and Kashay capitalized on the error and went 2-3 in times of 26:17 and 26:28 respectively.
Of Maxwell's race, he says "Obviously I was looking for the win here, but that guy ran well today and I didn't run as smart as I should have, I did have a lot left in the tank though." He added, "I have to be happy with winning the Triple Crown, it's something that I have always wanted to do, but school and training has always kept me from doing it." What's next for 'Max'?? He says, "Look for me to possibly run the Twilight Mile. It should be a fun night!"

Staten Island Running Community Forum -->not so much of a community:
With the latest of posts on the Staten Island Runner Community Forum which were bashing Jeff Benjamin, Tom Cuffe, other notable runners and myself for that matter, we really have to start asking ourselves is this really worth it? I'm not even going to get into how many times I've seen Team High Rock bashed because quite frankly it would take way too long to recap. The main point I'm trying to make here leads to the question: Is it all really worth it? For all the egos that get smashed, all the trash that is spoken to people who have no control over it anyway, is it really worth having? I know it was meant for all those people in the running community to share their training and tips to becoming a better runner, but I have seen very few if any 'real' posts that pertain to this type of information. Instead we have been treated to such posts and behaviors of that you would watch on TV such as Jerry Springer or one of those other ridiculous talk shows. The thing that really makes me laugh is the fact that the people behind the computers are all people I know. They have to be if you think about it. I know a lot of people in the Staten Island running community and when I look at all the posts that are put up in that forum, all I see are names that I have never in my life heard of. I find it amazing that I can know so many people in the running community, but when it comes to people posting, the people who post I have never heard of before. The problem is quite visible. People in the running community love to post, but they just don't have the guts to use their own names. If there was a way to find out who actually is doing the posts, I guarantee that I know at least 75% of the people who post. It is just disturbing that people who run in Staten Island have so much negative things to say about other people. What they really need to do is spend less time on their computers and more time out there training and getting themselves better. If you are going to discuss someone's training or ability, at least do so in the right manner, go out and race them yourself!! Hopefully Mr. Re can figure something out to make this a good thing again.

High Rock takes one on the chin:
After about 2 years of dominance of Staten Island Triple Crown races, Team High Rock has the streak snapped at 6. It took a team from Princeton, New Jersey...a group of guys who used to compete for Villanova, to dethrone the High Rockers from their familiar spot at number one. They were tall, in great shape and dominant as it proved to be the right element for a team win. High Rock has been taking a lot of flack from critics as of late and things have only gotten worse. Here were just a few comments made by various members on the shocking loss. Matt Rosselli says, "Although we suffered a defeat today and the streak has ended, we will just tip our caps to the team that beat us and move toward a new streak." Maxwell added, "Yea, we got whipped pretty bad out there, but at least we got 2nd!" Fekete, who looked disappointed when hearing the announcement of the loss said, "You win some, you lose some, but as long as you go out there and give it another try you are always going to be a winner in my book." He adds, "I told the guys before the race that we were a little thin, but as long as everyone tried their best that's all that I could ask for." What's next for 'the rock'?? Some will compete in the Twilight Mile, while others will compete in the Aruba 5k while on their summer vacation. Members John Kane, Chris Fekete, Ryan McDermott, and Pete Carollo will be overseas in August. Also on the horizon is the Labor Day Race, which much planning has to go into.

2nd Annual Team High Rock Labor Day 5k:
As some people may want to know, we will be holding our 2nd Annual Team High Rock Labor Day 5k this year on Monday, September 4th, 2000 on the grounds of Clove Lakes Park, race time 10am. More information as the applications are being printed. If you or a business are interested in sponsoring the race, get in contact with either Chris Fekete (718 227-3125). John Kane(1-718-273-8396) or Ryan Maxwell(718 727-2665). Sponsorship involves t-shirt (advertisement) and other race expenditures.
Like I said, more information will be produced when the applications are released.

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