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December 4, 1999

What's going on?

by Bob Orazem
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The Cargo Cafe Fun Run Millennium Challenge is winding down as race # 44 was held on Nov. 27th.The series will be held every sat. thru the January 1st. season finale MILLENNIUM RUN.(Including Christmas day!)
Shawn Williams won last weeks race in a quick 16:10 time .Running by himself he easily defeated the overall leader Scott LaMorte who ran 17:32. Mark Vogt took 3rd. in 18:23.
On the womens side Mary Curran won and took over the womens lead with a 19:14. Overall third place in the series athlete Gail Marino was second in an excellent 19:34. Barbara Byrne ,arguebly the third best masters female on Staten Island (Proffitt/Ellison) broke 20:00 in 19:56.
The womens race is hotter than ever as Kari Proffitt not running last week puts Curran in the drivers seat with a 11 point lead with 5 races left. Curran must make sure she beats Marino every week especially when Proffitt doesn't run as the 5 point winners bonus is very important at this point. This is only guessing but the Christmas Day race would seem to benefit Curran who lives near the park and doesn't have any children. An all expense trip to Boston is on the line in this exciting competetion.
The mens race was over last February, well maybe not February but with LaMorte missing just two races no one really had a shot. With the final race being a single point "big" race LaMorte doesn't have the trip clinched yet but it is getting close.
He now leads Dave Panza by 366 points. Steve Lauria is another 232 points back, 4th. is Vogt and 5th. is Dave Caputo.Don't expect any movement up front for the men but the top 25 prize list is no where near settled. Currently Steve Stafford holds down 25th. but the 30th. place is just 33 points behind.


Dorothy Tabio who has been traveling to Staten Island for the weekly series from Westchester has moved all the way into 20th...Winnie Ng has returned to Hong Kong so a top 25 spot will open up this week...Dave Caputo Jr. has moved all the way up to 31st. and with a little luck and good racing can move up to the 25th. spot...Early year womens leaders Lisa Mangus is in 5th.with Grace DePompo (12th) and Barbara Byrne( 6th)...Ryan Maxwell became only the second Staten Islander to ever break 25:00 at Van Cortlandt Parks 5 mile Cross Country course this fall. Frank McConville of Georgetown was the other. I thought that based on this he wins the Marli by 30 seconds but no, Ecliff Telford pulls out the win...Newly inducted Staten Island Hall of Fame member Jeanine Radice holds down 13th...Andrea Dorman has a lock on the top Richmond Rocket womens award as she leads president Theresa Sorrentino by 95 points...Thanks to Judge Brennan and the Marli family who have keep up the great Thanksgiving tradition that is the Lou Marli Run.The only race with no entry fee! The coffee mugs will become almost as great a collector item as the 1990 race trophies that mispelled Marli's name MARLEY as in Bob. A good shirt for that year would have been Marli with dreadlocks but anyways, get ready for the MILLENNIUM.