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December 2, 2000

What's going on?

by Bob Orazem
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Saturday December 2, 2000 - Yesterday TRAC made a major announcement when it submitted to Boro President Molinari its formal site recommendation for the Staten Island Indoor Track & Field Facility.

After an extensive study of all city owned parcels of vacant land on Staten Island, TRAC concentrated it's efforts on 3 major sites:

A.-Great Kills/Gateway Area-Hylan Blvd
B-Farm Colony/Sea View Hospital Area
C-Charleston Retail Area/Arthur Kill Road

The sites were evaluated in ten specific category's:

1) Public safety of participants
2) Public transportation
3) Private transportation access
4) Building security
5) Potential for expansion
6) Visibility to the public
7) Proximity to Staten Island Schools
8) Potential for economic growth
9) Proximity to ancillary activities
10) Ability to host a major sporting event

The 17 page document also considered many other factors before the Board of Directors approved our number ONE recommendation.


The 21.5 acre site sits directly on Hylan Blvd near the entrance to Gateway National Park. The site is a public transportation paradise with many buses and trains within walking distance.

The site is very proximal to Staten Island's 17 High School's and is an average of 5.52 miles from each of them with many having a direct route along Hylan Blvd. Great Kills' proximity to ancillary activities in Gateway would have us bringing the track to the runners as opposed to bringing the runners to the track. The site also offers unlimited potential for advertising/revenue producing on the heavily traveled Hylan Blvd.

Although Great Kills was TRAC's number one choice the others are close behind and each offers a unique setting with potential for development and growth.

Our committee of architects are currently working on specific aspects of the building both inside and out and are preparing a document outlining these requirements.

Of course this site is our recommendation only and the Boro President's office will be making a determination and announcement soon, after a study of TRAC's work.

The next general meeting of TRAC is Wed. Dec. 13th. at Moore High School(7:30) More information will be made available at that forum and all questions will be answered. Like always we welcome everyone and I publicly thank all who contributed to this formal recommendation.

Bob Orazem
President TRAC