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October 13, 2000

What's going on?

by Bob Orazem
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TRAC has been working hard since the historic May 16th announcement that our Borough President plans to build an Indoor Track & Field Facility here on Staten Island. We are now incorporated and are awaiting finalization of our 501C non-profit status. Last week we meet with our carefully selected Board of Directors for the first time. What we have been waiting for, patiently, has been some feedback from the Borough Presidents office on site selection. Well it seems the wait is over as our executive Board will meet with his office next week to select the best choice for a location for the facility. Despite the lull in the project, rest assured, that TRAC continues to work hard on the project.

TRAC's next meeting is Wed. October 25th. at 7:30 at Moore High School. We urge anyone to attend to help us with many different facets of the project. Check out our web-site as more info becomes available.(


The Annual SIAC/Triple Crown Dinner will be held on Thurs. Nov. 2nd from 7-10 P.M. at the beautiful South Shore Country Club. The event presented by the Staten Island Advance will honor Ryan Maxwell and the duo of Jeanine Sweeney and Mary Curran who were the winners of the 2000 Triple Crown Series. The dinner will also honor the other age group winners and the prestigious Lou Marli Service award which will go to the CELIC FAMILY. Tickets are available from me and are $30 up to Oct. 22nd. and $35 afterwards. If you placed in the top 3 the Advance is SUPPOSED to get you a dinner form but they are running late so if you haven't got one and would like to attend contact me. The Dinner is a great nite and you will have an opportunity to mingle with the other runners without sweating.


The Staten Island Advance will host a meeting to discuss problems and solutions associated with the Triple Crown races. For example the last 2 years there has been a problem with the Ronaldson Run changing the amount of people necessary to score a team from the published entry blank. Other problems range from advertised no race day entries to teams having to declare members several days early. Andy Burek of SIAC will present a series of proposed changes that will be considered by the 3 races. Reps. of the Staten Island running Clubs have been invited to be part of the changes/meeting. PLEASE don't wait till next year then write letters on the forum complaining. If your club is not present, shame on you.

Bob Orazem