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August 26, 2001

What's going on?

by Bob Orazem
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Happy days are here again! After a 16 month emotional roller coaster of emotions for myself I am today full of optimism as we finally have moved forward with Staten Island's Indoor Track & Field Facility. Boro President Molinari announced last week that the site will be on Ft. Capaddano Blvd. near South Beach Psych Center.( How suitable). Our board will meet on Sept 4th. and will issue a official response to the site selection.

Me personally? I'm glad you asked. The site is great.Near the 3 million people living in Brooklyn,ample parking in the South Beach lots and a 1/2 mile walk from Hylan Blvd and the multiple transportation routes it provides. Another major announcement will be made in the first week of Sept. as an announcement will be made by Mayor Guiliani as to wheather he will add an additional sum of millions to add a pool. The Boro Presidents staff has worked hard and have found a site at Drew University in Madison N.J. that they would like to copy. There is of course a lot of additional info. I will share when we have our next open meeting which will be determined at the Sept. Board meeting. Stay Tuned!

What's going on? The demise of the SIAC Twilite Mile, the High Rock 5 Km. and the popular Gunn Run are a serious blow to the running community. As the athletic world changes only the strong survive. Road race wise the time will return where everyone knows each other and races are small social and athletic events. It's back to the early 70's soon...The 2000 Womens Triple Crown Winner Jeanine Sweeney was seen running after suffering thru a year of serious injury...Another blast from the past was Mike Crowe running in Silver Lake Park. He didn't look like the Crowe I remember but moving to Queens can do that...The SIAC 6 Hour Run will be a popular event and the directing team of Dave Caputo and Mike Tobin are expecting a big field. Last year the race attracted 35 runners for the grueling Ultramarathon...By the way Tobin almost broke the elusive 24 Hr. mark in the July Vermont 100 Mile trail race. He ran 24:40.You must break 24:00 to get the belt buckle prize...Mark O'Brady, Track coach at Susan Wagner H.S. (Boys) arrested for possession of 'Special K'? and not the cereal! I know in this country you are innocent till proven guilty but Track & Field on Staten Island doesn't need this bad publicity, I knew it wasn't performance enhancing drugs when I heard the news.( I've seen his team run) I hate to sound like a Christian but I guess the time to offer support is when he is down...Congrats go out to George Kochmans 4 X 880 Yard relay team that have been announced to go into the Staten Island Hall of Fame in November. They become the first inductees to be selected solely and only for ONE outstanding High School performance. Winning the 1973 Penn Relays Championship of America. This announcement totally opens the door for similiar accomplishments such as Katie Peterson who won Millrose Mile. Of course there are several people waiting patiently to be recognized such as Charlie Marsala, Lou Marli, Kevin Jermyn, Frank McConville and the Notre Dame Relay that finished second at Penn and BROKE the National Record.! What about the 1999 St. Peters 4 X 800 Mt. relay who finished second at Penn and ran 15 seconds faster than the Farrell victory? Okay I can't help myself-the Hall of Fame committee is to top heavy with Farrell people! Now I feel better...The five race series to honor the 25th. anniversary of the weekly Fun Run series has concluded with a breakfast and awards ceremony in the picnic grounds at Clove Lake Park. Steve Lauria, Mark Vogt, Dave Panza and Fred Rigolini are to be congratulated on the idea and administration of the series and with no cost to the participants...Several other popular road races are holding on by a thread and expect at least two more to fold in the next year...My pre season picks for High School Cross Country are Moore Boys and St. Peter's Girls. St. Peter's by the way has never won the Island title...For the first time the SIAC Triple Crown Dinner will be held the week AFTER the NYC Marathon to allow marathon runners to party a little bit more.. The date is Thursday Nov. 8th. at the beautiful South Shore country Club.Additional info. will be available in mid Sept...The Sept. SIAC meeting will be held on Mon. Sept 10th at Jody's at 8 P.M.The Lou Marli Service Award will be voted on and announced the following day. The award is given at the dinner and goes to " long time service to the Staten Island Running Community"