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February 25, 2000

What's going on?

by Bob Orazem
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Much has been written and said for many years about the lack of an Indoor Track & Field Facility on Staten Island. Four years ago I formed an organization called T.R.A.C.(Track Running and Community) which had representatives from just about every running related organization on Staten Island. The purpose of this group was to study and propose such a facility on Staten Island. The organization progressed to the point of having a pamphlet printed and having a professional rendering done by Island runner Ralph Giordano. We got to the point of being capable of putting on a professional presentation. Then nothing happened. Two weeks ago I mailed 5,000 signatures to our Borough President requesting a meeting to discuss the lack of such a facility. The meeting has been set for Wed. March 8th. in his office. This is the closest we have ever been to a formal presentation. I am in the process of selecting 6 people from the running community to represent us all at this important meeting. Wish us luck!!!